Keynote Presentations on Professional Love

The developing interest in the concept of intimate relationships and ‘Professional Love’ nationally and internationally has led to a number of invitations for Dr Jools Page to speak at conferences, workshops and seminars, for example:

Sydney, (Australia) Infant & Toddler Conference [pdf] – Keynote address:
Practitioners perspectives on attachment and professional love in the nursery

Edinburgh 2 year old Conference – Keynote address:
Tuning into 2 year olds: why ‘Professional Love’ matters to learning

Oxfordshire 2 year old Conference: Keynote address
“I don’t even love you!” why being 2 years old matters

County Durham ‘Oh to be 2’ Conference – Keynote address:
Little children need to know they are loved

Nuremburg Nursery Convention – Keynote address:
Young children´s emotional well-being in UK policy and practice

Birmingham Under-Twos Conference – Keynote address:
Babies and young children are Amazing

Canterbury Christchurch University Baby Room Conference – Keynote address:
Choices, beliefs and dilemmas: understanding the perspectives of six mothers about day-care for their babies.

Surrey Local Authority – Practitioner workshops:
Let’s talk about Professional Love

Sheffield Birley Spa Community Primary School – Newly Qualified Teacher workshop:
Let’s talk about Professional Love

Unversity of Roehampton, Early Childhood Research Centre – Seminar:
Professional Love: what is the value of the concept in nursery contexts?

EECERA Portugal, Pre-birth to three: Identities, Learning, and Diversities 22nd Annual Conference. Family Involvement theme – Individual paper:
Love hurts: ‘expressions of emotion’ as a thematic meaning-making lens, to interpret the decision-making process and childcare choices of six mothers when their babies were under twelve months of age.

University of Sheffield, Centre for the Study of Children, Families and Learning Communities, Attachment matters Seminar: International views of infant and toddler relationships in day care settings:
Permission to love them….but not too much:: Developing Professional Love in Early Childhood Settings

Charles Sturt University, Australia – Infant-toddler Education and Care – International Symposium:
Exploring Diverse Perspectives on Theory, Research, Practice and Policy

University of Sheffield – ESRC Festival of Social Science workshop:
Aspects of Love: why close loving professional relationships are the key to learning for babies and young children